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Otoplasty - is an operation which corrects the form of the ear.

When a child is born with prominent ears, this operaion is usually done in pre-school. Parents just want to avoid classmated laughing at their child and this is perfectly understandable. The majority of otoplasty is carried out in children after they turn six and not before, as it is only by that age the ears are almost fully grown and are relatively easy to reshape. It is one of the easier surgeries in plastic surgeon’s practice. Before the operation the consulting surgeon will evaluate the ears  of your child and establish what is required to re-create the desired shape. Several techniques can be used to reshape and set back prominent ears, so the most appropriate ones, as well as the outcome of the surgery, will be discussed.



A qualifued surgeon removes a small ellipse of skin from behind the ear to expose the ear cartilage which allows to reshape the ear cartilage either using stitches alone or a combination of stitches and scoring of the cartilage to create a natural looking fold to the ear and a normal position in relation to the head. The patient is under general or local anaesthetic.. Otoplasty usually takes between one and two hours to perform although more complicated procedures may take longer. After the operation a bandage is made. On the first week it will be impossible to wash hair and to execute any physical activity, intellectual work ( tv, games, computer) should also be strictly limited to avoid headaches.

In the United Kingdom, otoplasty is usually performed under a general anaesthetic. Otoplasty can be carried out as a day case procedure but occasionally an overnight stay may be recommended.

In my vast practice I have had a lot of child’s otoplasties, and many of my patients have already graduated. Children like to take their operation and an important mission, and the contact between the patient and the surgeon it easily obtained. The post-otoplasty scars are completely unvisible to the normal eye.

Other categorory of clients besides a large number of children are grown up women and men, who are dissatisfied with the size, shape or orientation of their ears. These imperfections can be altered through ear/earlobe reduction and cauliflower ear surgery to remove and recontour excess skin and cartilage. As the ears are very prominent, many cosmetic ear surgery patients experience a significant boost in confidence and self-esteem once their ears have been given a more desirable appearance.

Reconstruction of the Ear

There are three different types of ear reconstruction.

  1.  Otoplasty (the treatment of prominent ears)
  2.  Microtia repair (the treatment of congenitally malformed / missing ears)
  3.  Ear defects (from trauma, mostly in greco-roman wrestling or cancer surgery)

The surgeons of Vremya Krasoty use different strategies to reconstruct the ear in children (and sometimes adults) with microtia. For many patients, the new ear is created from patients’ own tissue. . Cartilage from the rib cage is used.

In some cases, the parents or patient prefer to have an artificial ear (with extender implant) created by our surgeon who specializes in this difficult art of full ear restoring. In such complicated cases the full process can take up to 1 year.

Post-otoplasty headbands

The reason for wearing the headband is to keep the ear in place as the scar tissue increasingly holds and secures it in place. Usually the ear fully recuperates its normal fuctions in 1-2.5 months. You can return to extreme sports practice in 4-5 months.

Фотографии до и после отопластики

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После проделанной работы нам часто присылают отзывы о результате. Свой отзыв вы можете написать нам и мы опубликуем его со всеми остальными. Публикуются как хорошие, так и плохие отзывы.

Marinochka 30.01.2013
Никогда до этого в жизни никаких операций я не делала, поэтому сделать отопластику для меня было что-то из ряда вон выходящее. Сестра мужа делала в этой клинике такую же операцию у Отари, избавлялась ...moreот лопоухости. По ее совету и обратилась в клинику, сразу к Отари. Отари, Вы хирург от Бога! Я Вам безумно благодарна! Буду советовать всем и вся!!! Никаких осложнений и шрамов! Ушки как у принцессы) Спасибо Вам!!!!!
Максим Л 20.05.2012
Сделать отопластику долго не решался. Но начал лысеть, пришлось бриться на лысо, а уши у меня мягко говоря "лопоухие". Делал отопластику почти год назад, сразу оба уха. Операцию перенес довольно легко...more, осложнений, слава Богу, не было. Пугали рассказами о сильнейших болях в первые 2-3 дня, так у меня ничего и не болело! Доставляла дискомфорт повязка на ушах и спать на спине все время неудобно. Результатом довольно весьма и весьма! Очень благодарен Отари и всему коллективу Клиники Красоты!

Doctors performing the procedure
Uvarova E.O.
CMS, maxillofacial, plastic surgeon (Experience 15 years)
Hochman V. R.
CMS, plastic surgeon (Experience 25 years)
Timur Haidarov
Plastic surgeon (Experience 2 years)