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Wouldn’t we all just love to have perfect legs… not only perfect in shape but completely hair-free! Not only to get rid of unwanted leg hair, but to cure skin’s little spots and to prolong the effect of epilation?

Book your leg waxing session with Vremya Krasoty.

Advantages of waxing

Here at Vremya Krasoty we strive to use as much natural products and techniques as possible. That is why we chose waxing among other epilation methods. This was for the following reasons:

    • wax cannot really burn your skin, as it heats only to 40 degrees Celcium
    • it is completely free of any perfume and artificial colours, so it will not irratate your skin
    • waxing is fast and the results are immediate!

The whole procedure is totally hygienic and almost pain-free, it is more energising then it is painful.


You skin will be smooth as silk - as waxing provides a perfect and most effective peeling to skin, releasing it from dead cells. Skin can breathe again and therefore it will look even better than before!

Doctors performing the procedure
Popova T. A.
Aesthetist, rehabilitation specialist (Experience 27 years)