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Carboxy plasma therapy

Clinic "Beauty Time" is one of the most physiological procedures anti-age – carboxylesterase.

What is Carboxy Therapy Plasma?

Vremya Krasoty is happy to offer one of the best therapies to fight facial aging and chin/cheeks drooping - cаrboxy plasme therapy.

It’s a non-surgical and completely physiological methodwhich consists in the therapeutic use of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) administered subcutaneously and patients’s own blood plasma (extracted in centrifuge right in front of patients’ eyes).

CO2 is infiltrated subcutaneously with a sterilized thin needle similar to the ones used for insulin injections, connected to a very thin hose, which is hooked up to an equipment prepared for this objective.The equipment allows to regulate the speed of the CO2 flow (contained in an oxygen tank), time of injection, and monitors the percentage of the administered dose.There is no systemic toxicity with cаrboxiplasmetherapy, or other side effects, except a light and short pain in the zone of the application. An ideal session will last up to 45 minutes only and requires no special preparations before the procedure.

At the injection site the CO2 is easily spread to other tissues nearby, and keeps on doing its work. Its introduction under the skin is completed with a manual massage that helps distribute CO2, and makes it circulate. When the CO2 and plasma come in contact with derma, it diffuses, part of it going to red blood cells, where when it comes in contact with the hemoglobin, it sends oxygen to the tissue. This gas improves the intracellular exchange which leads to natural skin rejuvenation.

The morphology and function of the micro circulation, increasing the quantity and the speed of the blood flow, diminishing the accumulation of liquid between the cells, disintegrating the fat in the hypodermis and diminishing fibrosis.

Plastic surgeons and dermatologist of Vremya Krasoty make clear that the correct use of carboxiplasmatherapy has no risk and no side effects. You can continue your normal activities after each session.

Doctors performing the procedure
Tsertsvadze T. G.
Doctor dermatovenerologist (Experience 5 years)
Markina  N. V.
Doctor-dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist (Experience 20 years)
Nedorubova E. M.
Doctor dermatovenerolog, cosmetologist (Experience 12 years)
Uzhva A. V.
Doctor dermatovenerolog, cosmetologist (Experience 12 years)