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Hochman Valeria Robertovna

Валерия Гохман Время Красоты

Candidate of medical science,  plastic surgeon

Experience 25 years



Wednesday: 9:30 - 15:00 (9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.)



Valeria R., how did You come into medicine?

Exemplary bracaglia me was always my grandmother, a pediatrician and a wonderful person.It inspired me to choose medical Institute, pediatric faculty. Then, after working as a pediatrician for about a year, I realized that I'm interested in otolaryngology. I got the specialty, worked on the profile, but the knowledge obtained was not enough, and I have therefore enrolled in clinical ordinatura, and then postgraduate studies in the same specialty. So began my path as an otolaryngologist.

How many years have you worked for an ENT doctor? Why have moved into plastic surgery?

The audiologist I worked from 1992 to 2004.
In 2004, coming to work in the clinic of aesthetic surgery Panova in Novosibirsk as Laura, a plastic surgeon Panov Vladimir Vyacheslavovich saw in maheronline makings. He and I assisted, gained knowledge on rhinoplasty. I also took part in training in the field of aesthetic surgery.

How many years have You been working as a plastic surgeon?

For 11 years I operate. Basic operation I have is rhinoplasty and rhinoseptoplasty. Besides surgery I prodoljay to advise and how the ENT doctor.

Do You conduct any other operations?

Of course. In addition to the rhinoplasty I do a blepharoplasty, upper and lower facelift. As for the body, these are: liposuction, mammoplasty, mastopexy. Work simpletuition Allergan and Polytech.

Maybe during practice You have your methods, the author's approach? What prefer to do rhinoplasty: open or closed?

Closed method. In rare cases, have to resort to open the plastic nose. To each patient I find an individual approach that makes each time to reflect on the most optimum way of correction of the problem. Sometimes I have to be an inventor, to seek the best solutions to the problem. A lot of them, you need to sew the cartilage or move them, there is a need for rezezirovannah, or adding volume.

Did you have an interesting, memorable occasion for all the time practice in rhinoplasty?

Acquired defects are among the most demanding in rhinoplasty. For example, the melted cartilage, as sledstvennogo treatment of infectious diseases, which led to deformation of the tip of the nose. Such cases quite a lot and it's always a big responsibility.

How many transactions per year you do?

To make it easier to count, I would say that on average per week sometimes 2 rhinoplasty. Overall a day I spend 2-3 operations per day. By the way, as a percentage of blepharoplasty do more often. After all, the eyelids, issue age, and is particularly worried about women.

How do you work with the lower eyelid?

If the skin a little, then transconjuctival, and if the skin is already a large excess, then through a skin incision.

Redistribute any hernia? How to transition from century to cheek?

Most often offered in such cases, lipofilling or, if possible, allocate the hernia.

Why do You think patients choose You?

I am a responsible and honest approach to business. At the consultation I never inflate expectations. What say, we do and the resulting. I always give fair warning about possible complications, and if the patient is willing, then he is actively involved in the postoperative period. Also on the positive result is influenced by the understanding, the patient must clearly understand what result we should eventually come.

How You conduct rehabilitation?

After surgery, patients stay in the hospital for a day, then come to a special rehabilitation course. This immunostimulirutuyu dropper, and microcurrents, and algae supplements – do everything in order after removing the mask, the patient returned to its usual rhythm of life.

What would You like patients?

Of course, to love yourself. Listen carefully not only to relatives but also to yourself and your health and beauty.