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About us

Mission, Vision and Values

Contemporary lifestyle inspires people to live their lives to the full. Working hard and playing even harder, spending quality time with families, going into sports and attending numerous social events - while looking good at it - this is a must. Life success is linked with physical attractiveness and self-esteem. Therefore, art of plastic surgeon and aesthetic dermatologists is in constantly growing demand.

The Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic «Vremya Krasoty» is located a step away from Moscow’s Kremlin. Themission of Clinic is to provide perfect level of surgery and aesthetic beauty services to patients, while restoring their health. The Clinic’s head surgeon Otari Gogiberidze attracts the best qualified medical and support staff. Team of doctors strive to provide personal approach to each patient’s specific needs and desires. When Clinic welcomed its first patients in 2011, its values were clearly in place: excel in aesthetic and heath services, while constantly searching for new ways to improve physical appearances of patients. Making their dreams come true.

Clinic offers wide range of services aimed to preserve health and restore beauty in the most organic and natural way. Certain techniques accepted in Clinic are exclusive to it. «Vremya Krasoty» has full list of equipments that are necessary in a promiment plastic surgery clinic, all of them most up to date. Clinic offers plastic surgery of all kinds: circular face lift, abdominoplasty, blefaroplasty, liposuction, intimate surgery and other. Upon decision of doctors board in plastic surgery can be replaced or supported by aesthetic body remodelling methods: photorejuvenation, photo epilation by
Quantum, fractional photothermolysis by Fraxel Re:Pair, termolifting by Thermage, laser skin resurfacing, microcurrent therapy, contouring injection face modelling, face mesotherapy, botox and plasmolifting. Among skincare brands presented in Clinic are: Babor, Cell Fusion, Holly Land, Pharmaskincare, Thal’ion.

Face surgery

The demand for plastic surgery continues to grow as scientifical and medical advencements are made and technology improves resulting in a wider range of options for patients. Face lift procedures go to deeper skin layers with the help of sophisticated endoscopy. Materials used for skin renewal procedures became more organic - thread lifting with natural fiber , plato fixers from biogradable materials, biolgical friendly glue, made of patients’ own skin plasma.


One the of the basics of plastic surgery is undergoing constant modernization. There are certain non-invasive techniques of nose modelling, e.g. injection of highly tensile fillers of the last generation.
Modern methods rely on improved plastic surgery tools and improvement of system of preoperative and post-operative monitoring of partients’ status. Besides technological advance, rhinoplasty surgeons are getting more experience then others - as it is the most popular procedure in clinics. Several hundreds of nose form and size corrections are conducted yearly, simultaneously restoring its health and normal function. Golden standard of rhinoplasty surgery today is to restore health while keeping in line with the natural proportions and harmony of each face.


Every woman’s dream becomes true with the latest development of implants that seamlessly glide under skin. They are sensitive to touch and natural-looking as a born breasts would look like. Implants of the new generation exclude almost all complications and have life time warranty. Woman with modern implants can experience pregnancy and breast-feeding. Increasing, reducing or lifting of breasts does not limit woman in her everyday or sexual life.

Body contouring

Liposuction, abdominoplasty and skin lifting, arthroplasty of butt and shin - all range of body contouring surgeries is in growing demand every day.
This is possibly connected with the fact that a certain client cathegories has done a successful rhinoplasty, face lifting and breast contouring, notice positive improvement in their appearance and self-esteem, so they decide to continue these changes. To ideal.

Effectiveness of modern plastic surgery can be explained by unseen before development of aesthetic dermathology and professional cosmethology. these new frontiers help to dramatically improve every patients’ skin condition. Skin, prepared by modern products, has better reaction towards invasive and non-invasive procedures, and restores quickly with minimal swelling and smallers scars.

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